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The Film Finance Handbook and Screen Finance Kit

web-to-printKeeping informed...

We started putting film finance info online in 1999. This became our self-published film finance handbook and three editions and some 11,000+ copies later, we're returning to the web. We've always tried to hold true to three ideas:

  1. No glass ceiling of knowledge: stay accessible for everyone, from microbudget to major international co-production;
  2. Be as affordable as possible, without sacrificing quality (we were originally free);
  3. Highlight the best practice and people to learn from - it's them not us - with the greatest writers, filmakers, producers and experts we can find.

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websiteIt's a changing world...

There's much new since our 2007 edition - from film funds, incentives & distribution models to the ways people read books.

Our new edition will update 1000+ funds and info on 60+ countries and cover the latest thinking, platforms and success stories. We hope to do this across all media - as a printed book, eBooks (ePub & Kindle), printable-PDF and a searchable, mobile-friendly website.

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4booksYou can help make this happen

We’ve always been 100% independent, turning down full public funding and private investment to stay impartial and autonomous.

But this means we need help to fund our next step. So we are pre-selling early access to everything we create for the new edition at a range of levels.

We'll be writing, publishing and fundraising side-by-side, releasing chapters digitally to backers as they are completed, for up to a year.