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This site is open source

I'd like to thank the Academy, Tim Berners Lee, my mum, and the many wonderful people and organisations who've built, funded, documented, tested and supported the open source software that powers this site.

This site is built on Joomla with CiviCRM to handle memberships, payments and mailouts. Pretty much all of it shoud be recreatable through the following (at 14-Nov-13):

  • Site: Joomla 3.1.6
  • CRM: CiviCRM 4.4.1
  • Frontend framework: UIKit and Bootstrap (used through an adapted, paid Yootheme template)
  • CCK: Zoo (paid version)
  • Also uses Phoka Download, ArtioJoomSEF (paid version), Akeeba Backup (paid version). Akeeba Admin Tools, NoNumber Sourcerer, NoNumber CacheClean, Advanced Module Manager, JCE Editor (paid version), WidgetKit (paid version), eXtplorer (paid version), BT Social Share, CComment, SuperFossil, Nice User Info Lite.
  • The server runson Apache/FreeBSD, PHP 5.4.x, MySQL 5.1.x

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I read your book cover to cover… great insights & significant clarity on a very complex subject.

Duncan Cork, CEO

An indispensable guide

BBC Film Network

Producers should arm themselves with this comprehensive, well written guide.

Tim Adler, former editor, Screen Finance & Deadline Hollywood London

You can't think about funding without it

Chris Jones, Director, author & head of London Screenwriters Festival